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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 25, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the muslim brotherhood has the largest number of seats, almost half. otherwise, egypt has to have another round of elections to find a parliament. >> how does this affect the u.s., the $1.3 billion we give them in aid. is this the kind of guy that the u.s. is willing to, can work with? >> two of his children are american citizens. the united states has a lot at stake. not just in terms of its size. the fact it's the heart and soul of the arab world but because it was the first to make peace with israel. the united states has extraordinary interest and a lot
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of what we do will be determined not just by the obama administration by what the fears are in congress. it ultimately has the veto power over u.s. aid as well. >> we'll be close attention to what happens. thank you. rolling right along. welcome back. hour two. the u.s. supreme court strikes down most of arizona's immigration law. both sides are claiming victory today. i want to break it down point by point. there are three major planks in the law. they are out. the first would have allowed police to arrest immigrants without warrant if they had probable cause a crime had been committed. number two a crime not to carry registration papers or i.d. the third that was struck down would have prevented illegal immigrations from trying to get jobs. those provisions are gone. the part of this legislation
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that still stands is this part. it says police can check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws if they have reasonable suspicion that this person is in the u.s. illegally. jeffrey toobin has been reading and re-reading this decision. we're all getting this education today, the definition of reasonable suspicion. explain this to us. explain the part of this legislation that still stands. >> okay. the part that still stands is nicknamed the show us your papers law. it's the part that says if the cops have reasonable suspicion to stop you, if say you run a stop sign or weaving down the street, those are reasonable grounds to stop someone. at that point, the officer, can then ask for immigration papers, if he has reasonable suspicion that you're an illegal immigrant.
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this is a difficult standard to describe. a lot of people are familiar with proof beyond a reasonable doubt. below that is probable cause, which is sort of 51%, more probable than not. reasonable suspicion is somewhere between a hunch and probable cause. it's a slow level but it's some standard that the cops will have to meet before they start questioning people about their immigration status. >> you flknow there are other states and other states that might want to write similar laws. what's going to stop states, x, y and z from doing the same thing? >> nothing. that's how the system is supposed to work. if the courts give the good housekeeping seal of approval to a law as they have for this 2b sections, if all the other
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states pass the law, we know it's constitutional. things don't always work that neatly. other states have passed laws that are similar to but not identical to all the provisions and that means there are going to be legal tests of all these new laws including alabama's which is even stricter than the arizona law. all of those are going to go to court. all of them will be appealed and some will wind up before the supreme court again. >> thank you very much. some parts will be confusingnd can be very political. first, with this ruling today, it's interesting it's sort of like the victory is in the eye of beholder. it seems like the court gave something to both sides with the
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decision. >> split decision. a little ugly. not clear cut. you heard governor jan brewer early. >> vindicated. >> right, vin dadicated. she had won because the show us your papers had been upheld. the president himself is not talking about this. it's a victory for the obama administration. both sides can play it to their advantage. >> how will they do that? the president is speaking today and the governor are not. how do they use this news to their advantage come november?
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>> we saw his own version of the dream act, allowing some immigrants of illegal children working in this country without fear of deportation. he has campaigned against the arizona law. he's against the arizona law. he got three out of four things he wanted from the supreme court. then you have mitt romney. mitt romney is in a much more difficult position. today he issued a statement that gives new meaning to the term vague. sort of acknowledged that the supreme court decided and went onto attack president obama for not having an immigration policy. during the primaries, he ran to the right on immigration. he's got problems with latino voters. he's not leading on this issue. he's being very, very careful. >> how does lead? he says candidate obama promised
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to present an immigration plan. four years later we are still waiting. how does he win this debate? >> it's hard for him to win this debate. what he can say and it is what he is saying is that at some point in this country, we need to have one immigration policy. one way he can appeal to republican voters and to lots of voters, independent voters as well, is to talk about border security. border security is key. we need to have tough border security. the tricky part is what you do about people already in this country and he talked during the primaries about something he called self-deportation. we don't hear a lot about that anymore. he's in a very, very difficult spot right now. particularly, after president obama issued his executive action last week. >> thank you. the heart of this immigration story line, the state of
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arizona, governor jan brewer will be talking to john king tonight. we have a lot more for you on this monday, including this. >> huge wildfires in one state burning thousands of acres. people leaving everything they own behind. >> it's pretty scary. cnn awards. you bring us the news in your own backyard and we say thanks in a big way. the news is now. ♪ how are things on the west coast? ♪
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people's lives, homes, valuables are all at stake. this is just the latest wildfire burning in colorado. this is the canyon wildfire. look at the smoke. the number just went up. active fires eating up the state. wa waldo canyon has forced more than 11,000 people to evacuate their homes. no word when they will be able to return. conditions are forcing red flag warnings. you see them in multiple states, including utah, which is experiencing its own wildfires. that is three times the size of the waldo canyon fire. it's so aggressive and so dangerous that investigators can't get near the source of the flames to figure out a cause. >> the cause of this fire is still under investigation. i say that because there's no way for our investigators to
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even get into the site or where ever it is they suspect the fire may have started. it will probably be another two days before they can get into that area. >> joining me now, brandon hanson who lives in colorado springs. he's been posting what he's been experiencing to brandon, let me begin what you and i were talking about. you said you are unpacking. you just moved to colorado from houston and now this. >> that's right. we had just started to unpack everything. we realized that we better start packing. >> tell me how close you are to this. you've chosen to stay in your home. why is that? sf we' >> we're under a voluntary evacuation. until it's mandatory, we're going to stay put.
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it's 13 miles from our house. >> have you seen smoke like this in person in your life? >> no. it's very, very surreal. >> smells like what? >> just like a campfire at nighttime. >> since this is a first for you, help us understand, those that have experienced this, what's the sense in the community? is this something people are truly, truly panicking about or not quite yet? >> the media outlets in colorado springs have been fantastic. they have been on top of everything that goes on. for the most part i believe everyone is sticking calm and going by ear. >> let's throw the picture back up. let's throw the picture back up that brandon took that you sent in with all the smoke. i understand you took this on saturday. here it is again. i just can't get over the smoke.
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explain it, and is it worse now, is it better? >> my wife and i went out to lumpl. we came home and i looked up, and we see this. i could not believe it. this is at 2:00 on saturday. i believe the fire started at one. it's not as dark now. it's more white. >> okay. we have some live pictures. these are live pictures. you can see the haze and the smoke. >> this fire is only 3400 acres. we're talking about the other fire. 90,000 acres. the problem is the containment. there isn't any. they can't get their arms around it. they can't get fire lines around it. they have 450 people trying to get containment. there's nothing they can do about it. another hot dry day today.
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relative humidity about 5 to 10%. we've had a lot of problems up in the north part of the fire. to rocky mountain beetles that have killed the trees. are you seeing a lot of dead trees or is it better to the south? >> it's better to the south. when the hill starts coming down, you don't see dead trees. it's still over the hill as far as where the fire is located. >> i love this area out here. i grew up in nebraska. so many operators are now closed. i can imagine this is going to get back into other parts of colorado. the summer in colorado, i know people go to colorado in the winter to go skiing, i don't. i don't in the summer. >> brandon, thank you for your
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picture and "i-report." i'm hoping this fire comes nowhere near your home and you and your wife can unpack. the denver post is reporting half the nation's fire fighting air fleet is in colorado. >> no question about it. just on thefire near fort collins, 170 engines with 2,000 people on that fire. >> thank you. keep watching it for you p question, what do immigrants in california think about the ruling? we're going to talk to the mayor of los angeles about that. also, mitt romney happens to be in arizona at this hour. he said president obama has failed to provide any leadership on the issue. ♪
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president obama said he is pleased with today's supreme court decision but we remained concerned about the part that was upheld. he says what this decision makes unclear is that congress must act on comprehensive immigration reform. patch work of state laws is not a solution to our broken immigration system, it's part of the problem. today's supreme court decision having a profound impact on hispanic communities around the country. los angeles one of them. you see protests were held there well before today's ruling by the supreme court and los angeles mayor joins me live. what was your reaction? you heard the news from the nation's highest court, and you thought what? >> very similar to the president, i am heartened that
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three of these provisions have been rejected. we don't need a patchwork of 50 different laws on the issue, but i'm concerned about the provision of show me your papers. they say it has to be related to a legal stop. they can't just stop you because they suspect. what that part of the decision will do is invite more to litigation and the trial court will look at this issue. i think you'll see that other groups will probably see once they have shown and demonstrated that the implementation of this requires more law. >> the president also said in in a state, going forward we must
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ensure that law enforcement officials do not undermine the americans. let me point this out p your dprands father was an immigrant. do you see today's decision as a backwards move or do you see the legality behind the reasoning? >> i see the opportunity. i'm hoping that governor romney will reject the law. instead, call on the congress to fix this broken immigration system, to pass the dream act. this is a great nation that's always embraced its immigrants. we need to support our boarders. i think that's what the congress needs to do to avoid states
12:22 pm
replicating the show me your papers proviolate and moving ahead and understand. this is about people who are working hard. kids whoo have been here their whole life and want to contribute to the military. >> with this as it's been dubbed this show me your papers provisio provision, a lot of concern from folk who is are worried about this is okay, if this was upheld in the nation's highest court, this could come to my state. is that something that's plausible in the state of california. i think we recognize the contributions of immigrants. ae also know that the immigration system is broken.
12:23 pm
we do believe we need to work hand in and to fix this proeken broken immigration system. we have to respect chose laws. the vast majority of people in this country support that. we've got to get the people and the congress who have failed to create the jobs we need. who have failed to create the deficit and debt. >> we've heard mitt romney said it's broken. president obama saying it's broken. you too. it's just a matter of how we fix it. >> the way to fix it is to pass immigration reform. >> everyone has an opinion. thank you. republican presidential candidate mitt romney in arizona this hour where today's supreme court decision is dominating
12:24 pm
talk here. that's where we find jim acosta in scottsdale, arizona. we've seen this sort of terse paragraph long statement. what else do you know? >> mitt romney did not say in that statement where he stands on the supreme court decision. naturally, a lot of rorters are curious where does he stand when it comes to this decision. is he in favor of it? does he oppose it? on the back of his campaign pass
12:25 pm
his traveling secretary was asked that question. whether he agrees. here is a sample of what he had to say. >> the statement that mitt romney released doesn't way whether he agre. does he ha reaction? >> the state have the rights to craft their immigration policy. >> we don't have a state one way or the other whether he agrees with this decision today by the supreme court? >> this country would be better served if the president wasn't suing states. >> okay. >> reporter: it's interesting to see that rction. i'll tell you why he was talking to us, mitt romney slipped out the front of the plane, hopped in his to a nearby
12:26 pm
fund-raiser. we only got a brief glimpse of the candidate athe front of the plane as he was getting on the plane. we haven't seen him sense. he may come out and make another statement. the campaign hasn't give p us a shens one or other the other. we expect to get a pooled report once he makes the reports. >> we'll look for that if he does community on it. in arizona today. it is a political year. you'll keep seeing the ads after a supreme court ruling today. more on that. what ? customers didn't like it.
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another significant ruling from the u.s. supreme court today will have huge impact on elections in november. the court has refused t consider this 2010 ruling in whether the statenit campaign s corporations. the court2010 di decision, trumps state law. jessica yellin joins me with more on today's ruling. the case focused on montana. what does this mean for us come november? >> reporter: it means you can see even more political ads and get more political mail in your inbox. keep in mind, this one in
12:30 pm
particular applies to races fo mayor. compared to running for president, you can tilt a mayor's race for a couple hundred thousands or less. it gives people with some money influence on elections. >> with that influence comes fears that this could lead to more corruption. >> let's be clear. supporters say money is free speech. since the supreme court says this is legal, by definition it's not corrupt. the reason critics are fearful that it is corruption is because of the following. let's say, for example, you've in the realize business. who sets zoning policy? it's not the senator or the president. it's probably the county commissioner. this ruling, if it says that the local real estate developer can give unlimited funds to get county commissioners or zoning board members elected, the same
12:31 pm
people that will are setting zoning policy, does it mean the developer has outside influence on zoning policy, which affects their business? people who hate citizens united says that's corruption. those who like it, say that's free speech. >> might we see this come back up at another date or is this over, done? >> wl, it's unlikely we'll see this case challenged any time in the future with this group of justices. they could try to bring other cases in the future. some people thought this case was an opportunity for justices to alter the citizen's united decision. there was a school of thought that the justices did not realize the full imply kication citizens united. they had no idea it would lead to a billion dollars in outside
12:32 pm
spending. they thought maybe this montana case could give justices a chance to narrow its scope. clearly, the justices said no way. they didn't bother to hear arguments in this case making it clear for this court, that matter is settled. >> more political ads and political whatnot in our e-mail inboxes. floods, deadly tornadoes hitting the gulf coarse. we're going to tell you are the storm is headed, next. [ male announcer ] now you can swipe... scroll... tap... pinch... and zoom... in your car. introducing the all-new cadillac xts with cue. ♪ don't worry.
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here is rapid fire. roll it. i want you to take a look at these pictures. rain pounding the state of florida and relief may be days away. tropical storm debby yet to make landfall. the governor has issued a state of emergency. the storm expected to dump a foot of rain on florida. one person was killed when a likely tornado hit near sarasota. the storm system is just churning, sitting still. only moving about 5 miles per hour. that means a lot of rain will be
12:36 pm
dumped onto certain areas. attorneys for jerry sandusky says the convicted child molester plans to appeal. a jury found him guilty friday night on 45 of those 48 counts of child sex abuse. the basis of his appeal, ineffective counsel, but the filing can't happen until after he is sentenced, which will happen in three months. attorneys for monsignor is asking can he be put on house arrest. the first time a u.s. catholic leader is convicted of a charge. he faces up to serve years in prison. police have arrested the man accused of fatally shooting an officer. he shot the 32-year-old officer and single mother in the head
12:37 pm
when she was trying to break up a fight. the 21-year-old is being held on first-degree murder charges. investigators are not sure if she was the intended target there. the final pieces of this construction puzzle known as the world trade center being welded together. the final beam was installed in four world trade center this morning. it's expected to open in 2013. it's going to be the first to open at this megasite. one world trade has beams all the way up to the 104th floor. you send us your pictures, your video, your story, from the breaking news of the indiana stage fair collapse to one-on-one. remember this woman? michelle bombshell mcgee. we're to grateful and cnn is saying thanks. first, a once successful engineer is transforming education in philadelphia, getting kids to stay in school with electric cars.
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this is this week's next list. >> i wake up at 6:15. i'm out the door at 6:30. my name is stefan gonzalez. i'm a senior at the sustainability workship. sometimes i walk to the end of my block and catch the 13. if i miss it, i walk down and catch the 52 bus. this is definitely worth it, worth the commute. people my age can do a lot of things. right now with the school district of philadelphia, there really isn't energy efficiency or urban stain blt courses worked into the school days. every day is different here at the sustain ability workshop. >> one of the ways i know i'm successful is when you look at the students and the ways they
12:39 pm
have grown this year compared to the kind of growth i've seen in the more traditional approach to education is outstanding. this has worked better than we imagined. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. the send a noteport.
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ncht they are the best of the best. cnn reporters giving us the best of the best. they honored their own rock stars. we are grateful to them and the videos they uploaded. the community choice awards selected by popular vote when to chris marrow for her interview with the bombshell tattoo woman. she's in studio seven for the first time. i feel like i see you all the time. >> i see you all the time on cnn. >> thank you for bringing me freshly made strawberry jam. i appreciate that. how you score this interview? >> i was in las vegas and i went to the porn star awards.
12:43 pm
it's a crazy thing. >> you got to do that to get an interview. >> she showed up and she was striking. >> you had a bond? >> yeah. >> i want to play a part. she was so candid with you. let's roll a piece. >> what would you say if you met her? >> if i met sandra bullock, i think i know what i'd say but i think i would be so don't know what to say. what do you say to a woman who u had an affair with her husband. i think i'd like to say i'm sorry, but i think it would be like an basa awkward meeting. >> what nasty little story that was and you got her. is this exciting for you? you uploaded like more than 1500
12:44 pm
"i-report"s. >> i'm honored. it's really the only place in the world where you can write, produce and edit and you can be seen by the world on a legitimate news source. it's indedescribable being a small town journalist. >> why do you do it? we're so grateful, but why do you take the time and run all over the place just for us? >> it's great. i get a passion. i can be seen by the world and it's easy. "i-report" is so much fun. it's a great community. i have a lot of support. people love it. maybe i'm hooked by the fun. >> are you teary? >> i am. just a little. >> why is this teary for you? >> it's so special. a million people. i'm representing a million people, wow. you never think about that. it's amazing. >> we thank you so much for your dedication and everyone else out there. it was an honor to get to judge it and you have your very own, get a shot of this.
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she made a mike flag. we thank you. >> could i do a quick shot out to my twitter. marrow chris and follow brooke. >> follow me too. now this. an appeal could soon be filed in the jerry sandusky conviction. one state's step to protect children goes to court. sun sunny hostin on the case. ♪ rocky, rocky mountain high ♪ ♪ all my exes live in texas ♪ ♪ born on the bayou [ female announcer ] the perfect song for everywhere can be downloaded almost anywhere. ♪ i'm back, back in the new york groove ♪ [ male announcer ] the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. rethink possible.
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jerry sandusky has now been convicted, but the court cases are far from over. on friday night, a jury convicted the 68-year-old man here on 45 of those 48 charges involving ten victims. sandusky's attorney says he plans to appeal based on their own failures. the claim for the motion to appeal, ineffective counsel because the attorneys didn't have enough prep time. >> we would have spent a lot more time connecting the accu accuse accusers, now victims, to show a closer relationship. i think one of hurdles for the jury was trying to understand how so many people could come up with a similar story or pattern. given more time we would have flushed out more backgrounds and connections so they would realize they were not standing alone but each had an opportunity to talk with each other and also during the grand
12:49 pm
jury sessions had been into a lot of what they said. >> sunny hostin is on the case. it's a question i have to ask. do you think sandusky could win his appeal? >> i don't think. we see these ineffective assistance of counsel claims often when there's a conviction. typically, they are not granted. i think what's interesting here is that they say they did thot have enough time to prepare. jerry sandusky was arrested in november. his trial just happened. we're talking about seven months time to prepare. given that and given the overwhelming evidence, i think it's very unlikely that an appeal on that ground will be successful. >> if they are claiming ineffective counsel, what would happen if the judge does agree to hear this. do the defense attorneys become witnesses? has this ever happened before? >> it has happened before. that's exactly how you prove
12:50 pm
that case. the defense attorneys are called to the witness stand and talk about why they feel they were unprepared. why their counsel was ineffective. that does happen a lot because this is a typical ground for appeal. it's for appeals. it's rarely, rarely successful. >> now the attorneys for the victims, they're not ruling out lawsuits. penn state has actually indicated it wants to work some of these cases out and do that quickly. do you foresee a big settlement in the future? >> i really do. i think penn state has done a lot of in terms of starting an internal investigation into its own university. hiring louis free to conduct the investigation. they've also come out with a statement to say they will compensate the victims. i don't think there's a question that they will settle. the only question remaining is for how much. >> okay. let me move quickly to this
12:51 pm
other case. we were talking about this in the meeting with indiana, and this judge upheld a law that bans certain sex offenders from using social media websites that allow minors like facebook. do you think that ruling will stand? >> i do think it will stand. and i will say this, when people are convicted of sex offenses, especially child sex offenses. often times they have to stay away from children. you can't be alone with children. you can't live or visit schools. you can't live or visit playgrounds. so it's not unusual for sex offenders to be banned from certain areas. it makes sense in my view to ban certain sex offenders from being able to troll facebook or other networking sites where you know children are on, and preventing
12:52 pm
these predators from preying on our children. it makes perfect sense given the digital age that we're living n in. >> exactly. i agree with you on that one. now to this photo. have you seen this picture. not this one. we have another one for you. talk about photo finish. it was a race to see who would make and qualify for the olympic team. but the last spot on the the team hasn't been filled because judges don't know who won. we'll show you the picture. you be the judge. ♪... ♪... choose the perfect hotel
12:53 pm
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the heat, miami celebrating the nba championship wind. not even the threat of torrential downpours could stop the parade for. miami heat won the title beating oklahoma city thupder nba champs here back in 2010. lebron james promised fans he would bring them not one, not two, but maybe more than seven nba championships. after failing to back up the words his first year in town, he made good on the first part of the pledge this season. look at all the people in miami. and now to this. i can't get over this picture. when it comes to photo finishes, there isn't even a winner by a hair. look at this. here's the story. you have two competitors vying for position, highly, much coveted, much sought after position to get to go to london to the olympics, crossing the finish line at the same time. wait, because it gets better.
12:56 pm
these two ladies competing in the 100 meter dash both tied for third place. but only one-third place winner can be on the u.s. olympic team. let's go to new york, david epstein, senior sports writer. my heart goes out. i have a very dear friend that missed the olympics by a tiny bit in swimming. my heart goes out to them. let's throw the picture back up. it's not necessarily a leg or an arm that crosses the finish line, it's the torso, right? >> that's right. you can see one runner's hand is ahead. but that doesn't matter. it's just the torso that counts. and they're dead even on the torso. >> so the option going forward, none of which seems appealing. one of the runners can give up her claim to be on the deam. like that's going to happen. if no one does that, they can either flip a coin or have a tie-breaking race.
12:57 pm
if they disagree on which way to go, they have to race for it. if they both refuse to pick an option, officials will take it upon themselves to flip a coin, which, in this day, david, of technology, i can't believe we're talking about a coin toss. >> well, those rules you just put up have existed for all of like 15 hours now. they were hashed out yesterday. that shows kwlou rare this occurrence is. the last time i remember a dead heat was at the last olympics, two women in the 100 meters tied for second. they gave two silver medals. you can't do that. you have to pick one person to go. either a runup or a coin toss. >> do we have an indication which way they're going? >> if even one chooses a run-off, then the other is obligated to either participate in the run-off or give up the spot. if one chooses a runoff, then it's a runoff. >> and then have you ever, you know, seen anything like this
12:58 pm
before? the u.s. olympic committee made the rules because of this photo finish. 3,000 frames a second, and they still can't tell. >> no, no. never seen anything like this before. in this case, since it's qualifying, you can't tie. just the rules being hashed out yesterday, that's how rare it is. you think they would have a runoff in the 10,000 meters? i doubt it. special rules for a special situation. >> i feel for them. let them both go to london. that's what i would say. we'll see what happens with the ladies. and speaking of lady athletes. a milestone for women. saudi arabia just agreed to allow women to compete in the olympics. saad wom saudi women can't drive, can't open a bank account. human rights watch said the kingdom believes letting them to
12:59 pm
national sports will lead to immortality and the change of heart on the olympics is welcome news for the equestrian was the first saudi women to compete in the youth olympics. she will not be competing at the london games this summer, but she looks forwards to trying out next time around. and we are watching, you can see, tropical storm debbie churning around the area, dumping quite a bit of rainfall. chad and i were talking earlier. you have issues because of the saturated ground. trees are falling. there are issues. you can see the gators, and when there's storms like this, the gators come out of the swamps and into town. a lot of flooding issues for folks in and around parts of florida and georgia. we're also watching very closely the supreme court ruling with